Shatta Wale Makes Mockery Of Kwadwo Sheldon’s Head In Latest Tweet

We would all recall that Kwadwo Sheldon recently launched a fresh attack on Shatta Wale indicating that he would never win a Grammy award with his kind of music.

Shatta Wale in a response told him to stop his kind of criticism and preach loyalty and love for the artist.

However, social media users are of the view that Shatta Wale is giving Kwadwo Sheldon hype too much.

In a new post shared on twitter, Shatta Wale has said if correcting Kwadwo Sheldon means free hype then let’s give the small head, Sheldon, the hype.

He tweeted;

Let’s hype this head small nigga needs it. This is hype and I will do it cuz to tell someone what is right I Shatta Wale don’t see it as hype!!! See head like #Blowup

Sheldon and Wale


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