Sefa Apologizes For Calling Kintampo And Techniman Villages “I Was Ignorant, I’m Sorry”

Sefa, has rendered an apology to fans over her recent gaffe.

Sefa OMG

Speaking in an interview with MC Yaa Yeboah on Bryt TV, Sefa listed two towns in the Bono East Region, Kimtampo and Techiman among the villages she has performed at.

“I just feel that this is my time, back then, I was doing amazing and still working hard. If God says this is your time, nothing can stop you. I can go to villages, I have performed in villages like Kintampo, Techiman and others and they sing my songs,” the singer stated.

Sefa has been dragged on social media by a section of the public for referring to these towns as villages in Ghana.

According to critics, it is total disrespect to tag Kintampo and Techiman as villages.

Unhappy about her comments, Mailus on Instagram wrote:

“Kintampo isn’t a village, speak well, you might go there again.”

Another, Liesel had this to say “Such a disrespect to us the ppl (SICK) of Kintampo.”

A third Perpetual Yeboah wrote:

“Techiman, Kintampo bi Village, eeeeeeeiii this lady paaa booiiiii, na oflate we don’t say Village but rather smaller town. “NKRUO NKITIWAA. Lil correction S3fa.”

Reacting to their concerns, Sefa has apologised for her mistake urging fans to continue to support her music.

The ‘E Choke’ hitmaker also thanked the public for pointing out her mistake.

“I legit love Kintampo and Techiman for all the support shown to me especially in the very early stages of my career that’s why I always show my appreciation in most of my interviews. I didn’t mean this in a bad way, just ignorance on my part, I’m sorry. But as I always say, I’m still growing and learning so thank you for the correction. Now let’s continue streaming #Fever.”


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