The Big Brother Programme is a reality show organized in various countries across the globe in which people live in isolation from the world in the `Big Brother’ house.

Under constant surveillance, the housemates are given various tasks and twists to challenge and surprise them. In Africa, the popular version of the show is the Nigerian version which is dubbed Big Brother Naija.

Considering the close relationship between Nigeria and Ghana, a lot of fans have called out for a similar show to be organized in Ghana.

However, photos on social media of what is expected to be the Ghanaian version of Big Brother is already circulating but is far from near of what was expected by fans.

The supposed housemates of the show are seen lying on student mastresses in what is bluntly a filthy environment, unlike the glamourous BBNaija that they are copying. Ghanaians are extremely furious about this development as they think it is a disgrace to the nation.