Afia Schwar’s Sons Sue Adu Sarfowaa For Claiming They Sleep With Their Mum

Adu Sarfowaa has been sued by Afia Schwarzenegger‘s twins for falsely claiming that the boys go beyond and beyond in having sexual relations with their mother.

Adu Sarfowaa was heard in a viral video saying that Afia Swarzeneger’s sons sleep with her and even f!nger her at times.

However, the boys are upset about the accusation and have filed a lawsuit against Adu Sarfoawaa for defamation of their identity and mother.


Afia Schwarzenegger, expressing her support for her sons’ actions, went to the prosecutor to see that the boys were summoned to prosecute Adu Sarfowaa.

She told Irvin Jnr in a comment section that she had received the letter and would carry it home for them to read before serving Adu Sarfoawaa.

This comes barely 24 hours after Adu Sarfowaa was released from police custody after charging that Christian Nyamador, a businessman, is HIV positive and has poisoned Afia Schwar.


However, Afia Schwar made sure that, she was arrested but luckily for Adu Sarfowaa, she was released the following day

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