Sarkodie “Shatta Wale Is Crazy, We Talk On The Phone Next Minute He Is Insulting Me”

Rapper Sarkodie has over the years gotten used to his “crazy friend” and colleague, Shatta Wale, over the latter’s constant badmouthing and attack on his brand.

According to Sark, the Dancehall singer switches up on him for no special reason despite their cordial relationship.

sarkodie shatta wale

Sark has stated that Shatta is known for creating controversies each passing day but this move undoubtedly brought back some energy into Ghana’s music industry.

“I have even lost count because my brother Shatta Wale is crazy. He just wakes up and something will happen. I have lost count on what exactly happened, he has done a lot,” the rapper disclosed during an appearance on ‘Podcast and Chill with MACG’ in South Africa.

Although Shatta Wale insults and provokes the rapper for no reason, Sark doesn’t really take offence.

“That is somebody that brought energy into our industry as much as we were mad. He insults me for no reason, we will be on the phone today and tomorrow he is up on the radio saying ‘F’ Sark. Sometimes, you don’t understand it but I think for a moment he brought energy and attention to the industry,” Sarkodie added.

The award-winning rapper in 2018 sent Shatta to the cleaners in a freestyle titled ‘My Advice’ to condemn his behaviour which he noted was hindering the growth of the local music industry.

Many tagged it as a diss song but Sarkodie maintained that it was just a piece of friendly advice to his colleague, Shatta Wale.


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