Sarkodie Reveals He Has Been Ignoring His Father’s Call For 2 Months

The problem of Sarkodie avoiding phone calls has truly become a point of contention between him and his colleagues.

Many musicians have expressed outrage that the rapper ignores or hardly answers to their phone calls and conversations.

Danso Abiam, a friend of Sarkodie and a musician with whom he began his music career, has also spoken out on the matter.

According to him, the rapper was scheduled to come up for his video shoot some time ago, but he phoned him numerous times and didn’t pick up.

This drove him to go to his residence, and once there, he spotted the rapper with his phone, which continued ringing but didn’t pick up.

He claims Sarkodie then told him that he hasn’t even answered his father’s phone calls in almost two months. Danso Abiam, on the other hand, claimed that Sarkodie is a decent person who will answer your calls when he feels like it.



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