‘NDC Anka He Drop Track Give Them’ – Fans Call Sarkodie Hypocrite Over Momo Tax

Social media users have descended on Sarkodie for being hypocritical and not speaking up for the people as the government keeps raising taxes.

In recent days, Ghanaians have been rocked by the news that the government is planning to put a new 1.75% tax on Mobile Money transactions above Ghc 100, which is being added to the 1% tax the telcos already charge.


Sarkodie, Akufo Addo and Mahama


The news has been met with hostility from Ghanaians over the government continuing to wickedly introduce new taxes. Mobile Money, being a daily transaction, is something that if taxed would really cut down the money available to Ghanaians.

Aside from that, government officials have been unsympathetic to any complaints from Ghanaians, with Ursula Owusu claiming anyone with Ghc100 to send out daily is a ‘rich person’.

On social media, some people have started blaming Sarkodie for our current plight.

According to social media users, he convinced Ghanaians to vote for the NPP only for them to wickedly burden us with new taxes.

One person wrote:

“Sarkodie is the reason why we are all suffering today. He took money from NPP and told us in a song that we should continue in this hardship because of Free SHS and Free Electricty. Such a bad endorsement from a big brand like him, today see the effect!”

Social media users have agreed with this commentator with one person saying Sarkodie is being hypocritical.

According to the user, if NDC was in power he would have released songs by now complaining about something but as it’s the party he endorsed, he has gone mute.

The user wrote:

“As dem dey fool in the country he no see,ebi NDC government anka he go drop dumsor track give them longtee,”


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