Sarkodie Says He Wants To Have 16 Children

Ghanaian rapper Michael Owusu aka Sarkodie has made public his intentions to have 16 children with wife Tracy.

Sarkodie who already has two adorable kids revealed in a recent interview that he’s not done making babies and neither is his wife.

In other words, Sarkodie has planned to turn Tracy into a baby making factory because she will be birthing 14 more babies.

Sarkodie was questioned in a chitchat with a UK media personality about the number of children he would love to have in a relationship.

The rapper’s response to the question got his fans talking online.

King Sark said it is his dream to father 16 children but he knows his dream cannot become a reality.

Sarkodie was asked if all 16 children would be with his wife alone or other women because a single woman will not agree to go through labour pains 16 times.

He explained that the decision will be on his wife if she will agree to mother all 16 babies or will allow him have other women do that for her.

Knowing well that he will be trolled online for his comment, King Sark said he knows his dream of having 16 children will not become a reality.


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