Stop Going Nude To Avoid Being Called Ashawo – Salma Mumin told

Movie producer, Socrate Safo has dished out a valuable piece of advice to Ghanaian actress, Salma Mumin to put a stop to her constant display of nudity.

His advice comes on the heels of recent comments made by the actress that she is not a prostitute.

Salma Mumin has issued a stern warning to the general public to stop calling her a prostitute.

But to Socrate Safo, the prostitute tag on Salma Mumin is her own fault.

This is because the

“pictures of her exposing certain parts of her body are what is making people think she is a prostitute”, he said.

To him, society will cease describing her a prostitute if she stops displaying nude pictures of her body contours publicly.

“You’re a beautiful lady and there are a lot of decent young men out there who are after you. They see your nice beautiful curves and how beautiful you look and how industrious you are… but if you involve yourself with those things like the water melon pictures and showing your naked buttocks, those private things, people feel you’re selling yourself because that’s what the prostitutes now do… That is how the prostitutes advertise themselves,” he asserted during a panel discussion on Peace FM’s “Entertainment Review’’.


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