Date Rush: Rose Flaunts Her Beautiful Mum After Being Mocked As Indomie Seller (Video)

Rose of TV3’s Date Rush fame has been in the news for some days now after she was blatantly exposed by an unidentified lady that she is not the girl she is portraying on the reality show.

Rose on one f the episodes of the popular relationship reality show indicated that she does not pick trotro and only acquires the services of ‘Bolt’ and Uber’.

Following this claim, an unidentified lady came out to blast Rose indicating that she is not the person she claims to be.

The lady revealed that Rose loves to pick trotro and even went on to indicate that the mother of Rose was an indomie seller.

In a latest post on her Instagram page, Rose flaunted her mother and and her business while pleading with people to buy from her mother.



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