Ringtone’s Range Rover Got Stuck In Mud & He’s Making All The Noise

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Ringtone Apoko has mastered the art of making noise online.

if he is not throwing shade at Willy Paul and Bahati, then he is moaning about his Range Rover getting stuck in mud in the Maasai Mara. Lol!

In typical fashion, the singer recently revealed that a Range Rover he owns costs a whooping Sh26 million.

The singer shared a photo of the black SUV on Instagram, saying that the luxury car had gotten stuck at the Maasai Mara.


The singer then proceeded to list some of the car’s premium as well as obvious features.

“My Sh26 million 2020 Range Rover SVR Sport with sunroof, four-wheel drive, has screens, a fridge and V12 (engine)…stuck in the mud at Maasai Mara,” wrote the singer in part.

However, a spot-check established that the 2020 Range Rover SVR comes with a V8 engine, contrary to Ringtone’s claims.

According to caranddriver.com, the vehicle starts at around Sh9.6 million without VAT.

Source: Standard

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