Ringtone Claims He’s The Richest Gospel Artist In Africa

Ringtone claims to be the richest gospel artist in Africa. 

Who doesn’t know Ringtone? He is that guy you either love or hate, he takes every opportunity possible to brag about his success and lifestyle. I hardly remember the songs he sang but somehow his source of income still comes from music. The self-proclaimed richest gospel artist says that he might not be the most talented or most good looking but he claims that people love him either way. There are a group of people who find him particularly entertaining while others accuse him of faking his lifestyle on social media.

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He says that he is where he is by the grace of God and we honestly think that’s the only thing keeping him.

Ni Msanii ambaye he is the most handsome gospel artiste in the whole continent of Africa na huyu msanii ndio the only musician mwenye he is not talented but he is famous and does good music. Kwa sababu gani? He has the grace of God he is loved by God more than everybody anything else.

Despite the fact that Ringtone always faces a lot of backlash he believes that there are a number of people who genuinely love his music and him as a person. 

Yaani huyu msanii ni mkali Ingekuwa ni talent kuna watu wanaimba kwa machoir wangekuwa wako hapa lakini hapa ni favour ya mungu Mungu amenipendelea sana. I’m the most pendelewad gospel artiste in the whole continent in Africa ambaye he is the richest gospel artiste in Africa. Mi sijigambi I’m just whispering in loud voice.

Ringtone is well known for controversial actions. If he’s not walking around with an advertising board seeking a wife he is busy praising himself whatever chance he gets. There are people who have accused him of not being a proper gospel artist and even think that he’s fake. What do you think?

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