Reggie Rockstone “Wee Smokers Are Calm, It’s People Who Drink That Misbehaves”

Ghanaian legendary Hip life musician, Reggie Rockstone, said ever since he started running his night pub, he has never come across a marijuana smoker misbehaving or getting into a fight like how alcoholics do when intoxicated.


He said

“I haven’t seen people misbehave and I have been on his planet long enough. I own a night place, and most people I see misbehave usually intoxicated from alcohol…most people I know who smoke marijuana from my Rastafarian brothers are calm… it is people that drink that want to beat their wives and fight but the world is hypocritical. Marijuana is an organic plant and has medical values and we can make a lot of money.”

According to him, Ghana can gain millions of dollars from the cultivation of v=cannabis for medical purposes as said in an interview.

“I am not selling cannabis yet… it is going to be a booming market soon. If you are business minded, you know what cannabis can bring as far as revenue and not for recreational smoking as the ‘wee’ people smoke. It is so medicinal. “We (Ghana) can make so much from cannabis. I mean the world is moving, the West is making millions of dollars and we talking about what? You sell alcohol which to me is way more dangerous than cannabis by the way. Sometime ago alcohol was treated like cannabis, it was illegal but today it’s on all your shelves, he said.


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