CEO Refigah Puts A Mercedes He Had Bought For His Wife Up For Sale To Feed Kibra Residents

CEO Refigah puts a Mercedes he had bought for his wife up for sale to feed Kibra residents.

Grandpa Records CEO Refigah has put a Mercedes-Benz 250 up for sale to support needy families in Kibra.

The Mercedes was initially a gift for his wife. Speaking to Word Is, he said many families in Kibra need someone to support them at least get something to eat in this pandemic period.

The CEO said:

I had just imported the car and my wife not even aware that I was planning to gift it to her, but by the time it arrived, the pandemic had already hit our country.

The Mercedes was going for KSh 2.6 million.

He said the full cost of the ride was Sh2.6 million, but he is currently selling it at Sh2.4 million to any willing buyer, with instalments accepted.

The car is part of the ‘Simama na Kibra food drive’, an ongoing programme aiming to provide food and necessities to 4,300 families.

His wife supports the initiative:

I decided to boost the resources by converting the gift into food to sustain livelihoods of someone out there.

He also urged more Kenyans to join hands and support the vulnerable families in Kibra and other parts of Kenya by donating whatever they can to PayBill number 891300, Account name: Simama.

Anyone willing to purchase the car can visit Dinga World Ltd Next To Green House, Adams Arcade.


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