Reason Why Burna Boy Didn’t Win The Grammy Award

The 2020 Grammy Awards ceremony has come and gone, and Burna Boy didn’t come home with the Grammy award as expected.

Burna Boy was the only Nigerian nominated for the 2020 Grammy Awards, and so the whole country stood by him. Most Nigerians expected him (Burna Boy) to bring the award back home, but Burna was beaten to it by a worthy opponent, Angelique Kidjo.


Burna Boy is an African giant and has multitude of hit songs, no doubt, but the fact remains that Angelique Kidjo is super talented and also recognized on an international scale.


Some people on Twitter did some digging and found out the rhythm from Burna’s “Anybody” was drawn from one of Angelique Kidjo’s numerous songs. Which means that one way or the other, Burna Boy draws inspiration from Angelique Kidjo.

She (Angelique Kidjo) later dedicated her Grammy Award to Burna Boy, for his hard work and also as a sign of respect.

So in all, Burna didn’t win the award not because he’s not talented enough, but because Angelique Kidjo was a strong opponent.


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