Baba (Raila) Ni Baba And I am Your Mother-Waruguru To Constituents

Laikipia County Woman Representative Catherine Waruguru went on her knees while addressing her constituents, begging them to support the Uhuru-Raila union.

Happening on Sunday, July 12 at her backyard, Waruguru who was previously a strong DP Ruto ally warned her people that they could end up in opposition if they did not support the latest duo.

“Raila has been in the opposition and wishing to join government. We also have to join him in government because the alternative is to go and suffer in the opposition. Uhuru is the President, Baba (Raila) ni baba and I am your mother,” she said.

Waruguru also sought an assurance from the crowd that Uhuru and Raila will be welcome to the county should they visit.

“This place is for everyone and every tribe, whether rich or poor. If Baba wants to come we will welcome him. Have we also agreed that when Uhuru comes to open the railway you will welcome him?” she posed to her constituents.

Waruguru is reported to have been distributing water tanks at the gathering.

A while back, she visited Raila at his offices in Nairobi. As to what changed her mind remains an unsolved mystery.


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