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This is Quata Budukusu.

Quata diss Sark

Photo: BakusRadio


So Quata finally dropped his diss track to Sarkodie and it’s a 9 minutes long song titled, “Death To Sarkodie”. Many are those who claim the song is whack and the punches are weak.

quata, sarkodie


This morning 2 March 2017, he made a post on Facebook which got him more hate than he ever anticipated. This is what he posted.


And these are some of the responses he got on his own post and it’s really hilarious.

1. That’s quite harsh.


2. Well!!! This guy didn’t mince words.


3. Chop bar flows paaa…

4. Too bad.

5. This is too much an insult.


6. He thinks Quata is just making things up.


7. Oh!!


8. Hahahahahahahaha…


9. Evidence fuo.


10. Slow!!!


11. Oh how, Awal s3n?


12. He wants his credit back for downloading the song.


13. Joke paa…


14. This is mean papa…


15. This guy thinks he’s just suffering for hype.


16. He doesn’t deserve a reply??


17. Someone else wants his data back…


18. This one went in deep.


19. He thinks Quata is too old for beefs.


20. The insult has been extended to his father.


21. Oh!! Charlie!! This is tew much


22. lol


23. The insults be too much tho.


24. All because of hype he believes.


25. Quata don suffer.


26. Resurrected music wae.


27. He doesn’t believe.


28. Cantata rapper…lol


29. This is just too much.


30. Ghanafuo kasa…wow

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