Pritty Vishy Dumps Stivo Simple Boy Saying She’s Tired Of Him Being Brainwashed

Rapper Stivo Simple Boy is ending January with heartbreak after his girlfriend Purity Vishenwa aka Pritty Vishy announced that she was breaking up with him.

According to her, the Tuache Mihadarati singer does not stand up to defend her against his management and family members.

She raised concern over the fact that the fast-rising artiste listens to what his management says without questioning, even if it is against her.

“Assume one day God blesses us and we get married, what will happen to me? My in-laws will one day visit and ask him to send me away, and he will do it without objection,” she lamented.

Rapper Stivo Simple Boy

Pritty added that she is tired of everything about the crooner, from him being supposedly brainwashed by his management to the scandals surrounding him.

She explained that her decision to let go of the three-year-old relationship is meant to settle her mind from all that is going on around them.

Even as the actress turned YouTuber walks away from the relationship, Pritty wished the singer well in his future endeavours.

“I’m happy for you, thank you for the time that we have been together, and I pray that you get someone who will love you the way you are,” She said.

Source :Tuko

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