Princess Shyngle Reveals What Moesha Told Her Before Repenting, Proves Her Pastor Is Fake (Video)

Princess Shyngle, a famous Ghanaian slay queen in the Moesha circle, has joined the many celebrities who have provided evidence to claims that Pastor Gabriel Ibe is fake.

Pastor Gabriel Ibe is the man of God who ‘helped’ actress and model Moesha Buduong accept God and become born again.

Yesterday, IG blogger Cutie Juls revealed that Pastor Gabriel Ibe is fake. The blogger revealed that Gabriel is a con man and the brother of Ghanaian model Victoria Michael, the same lady who introduced Moesha to him.

Scandalmonger Ayisha Modi also said that Moesha Boduong’s pastor had brought some evil spirits all the way from Nigeria to destroy her.

She alleged that Pastor Gabriel Ibe has imposed evil spirits on Moesha and he’s now controlling her life how he wants.

Ayisha vowed to match the Nigerian Pastor and Victoria Michael boot for boot because they have touched Moehsa and decided to destroy her.

Pastor Gabriel’s sister, Victoria Michael, came to do damage control saying the man of God is harmless and he’s rather helping Moesha to fight her spiritual battles.

She also revealed that Pastor Gabriel Ibe has not convinced Moesha to give out her things but Moesha gave her things out to the poor out of her own free will.

Princess Shyngle believes Victoria Michaels is lying to cover up a big scam from her brother, Pastor Gabriel Ibe.

According to the Gambian actress, Moesha Boduong herself told her she has been ordered to sell her things and give it out to the church.

Princess Shyngle backed her claim with an audio from her last chat with Moesha Boduong which the actress was saying she was selling her properties to give the money to the church.


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