NPP Boy Prince David Osei Finally Admits Ghana Is Hard

Actor Prince David Osei has admitted that time are hard in Ghana.

This comes after months of living in self-denial and calling on Ghanaians to fix themselves rather than urge the government to make things right.

Prince David Osei making this known in a tweet said

“I know times are tough everywhere but things will get better… Keep believing”.

His acknowledgement that times are hard coming is a shock to many considering the fact that he urged the people of Ghana to rather fix themselves.

The youth in Ghana are complaining of the times. Fuel prices keep increasing every fourth night and that has affected prices and the standard of living across the country.

The government blames the hardship on COVID-19 and its accompanying financial commitments for the suffering but however, turn around to blame the citizens for not fixing themselves as the cause of the country’s problems.

Although there are efforts to demonstrate, these efforts have been thwarted by the Ghana Police Service which has decided to take the issue to court to restrain the citizens from registering their displeasure.


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