An 81-Year-Old Priest Dies, Leaves Millions Of Inheritance For Gay Husband, 27

A wealthy Philip Clements, former priest at a church in England is dead. Clements was married to Florin Marin, a 27 year old gay model for whom he has left millions of money.

The 81-year old succumbed to an illness on May 31.

News reports say that Marin now owns Ksh 18 Million worth of life insurance and a house in his name worth Ksh 12 Million.

In addition to that, the model is set to benefit from Clements pension of Ksh 240,000 monthly.

Marin who is 54 years younger than the husband took to his social media to express sorrow for his loss.

However, he sparked reactions over his intention to mourn late husband for just two days.

In his opinion, Clements would not want him to be unhappy for long, thus the 2 days of grieving.

“I am 27 years old and not challenged. He was my husband and this is my right. MY darling people, it is not my fault that he left me with this money.”

The Romanian model revealed that Clements died alone at a hospital in Bucharest. The hospital wasn’t allowing any visitations due to Coronavirus.

He was running low on supply of his medication and could not return to the UK to see his doctor.

The clergy man suffered a cardiac arrest. He then went into a coma that saw him placed on life support. He never made it afterwards.



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