Prezzo Blasts Jaguar For Not Standing With Artistes During His Tenure As Mp

Rapper Prezzo has blasted Starehe MP Charles Njagua alias Jaguar for not standing with artistes during his five-year tenure as a Member of Parliament.

Speaking at a TV interview, Prezzo accused Jaguar of turning his back on musicians after he went to the August House.

His accusations come after Jaguar responded to claims that he does not use his influence in Parliament to promote the welfare of the musicians.

Rapper Prezzo And Jaguar
Rapper Prezzo And Jaguar

Speaking at an interview with Mseto East Africa, the first-time lawmaker noted that the was only responsible for the people of Starehe who elected him as MP and not the artistes.

“I was also not elected by musicians neither am I their representative in Parliament,” he said.

“I was voted by the people of Starehe and they are the people I represent in Parliament. I gave them a promise that I need to fulfil.”

Responding to the statement, Prezzo said that it is wrong for the Kigeugeu hitmaker to say that he did not go to parliament to present the musicians.

He added that if elected as MP unlike Jaguar, he will stand with the musicians through thick and thin.

“I will die with the artistes if elected MP. Why should you be elected then turn your back on the people you were within the same industry arguing that they didn’t employ you?” Prezzo posed.

“Do you want to tell me that in Starehe where he (Jaguar) presents there are no artistes? The tongue is a very strong weapon, so before you utter a word, you need to think before you speak,” he added.

Source: K24

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