The pope’s Instagram account has been caught liking a Brazilian model’s photograph.

The photograph of model Natalia Garabotto was shared on her page on October 5, but it was recently shared on social media after eagle-eyed Instagrammers noticed the pope’s account had liked it.

The picture consists of the model wearing a rather skimpy schoolgirl outfit.

The pope and Natalia have a combined Instagram following of more than nine million, so it was inevitable someone was going to spot it.

While it’s extremely unlikely that the pope runs his own Instagram page, the liking of this photo has caused quite a stir online.

After being made aware of the like from the 83-year-old, Natalia joked that ‘at least [she’s] going to heaven’.

Speaking to Barstool Sports, she added, ‘My mum may hate my ass pics but the Pope be double-tapping.’

Whether the pope liked the photograph or not, he’s previously described sex as ‘simply divine’. He also described good food as the same – and I’m sure many of us would agree.

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Source: Unilad 

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