Popcaan Robbed At An Accra Nightclub, His Security Allegedly Shot And Killed Three Robbers

An ugly incident occurred around midnight on Wednesday, January 5, 2021, involving Jamaican dancehall musician Popcaan at a famous club in East Legon, Accra, Ghana.

Unconfirmed reports claim a band of criminals stormed the club and attempted to rob the artiste, but his personal security and swift response from the Ghana Police Service intervened.

Footages that surfaced on the internet saw a group of very angry-looking men forcing their way into the club with one pointing fingers at the Jamaican superstar.

The next frame saw the police at the scene trying to bring order to the place.

The police upon arrival fired live bullets in the area to scare away the supposed robbers.

A gentleman was seen in cuffs and being forced out of the premises and Popcaan was escorted out with maximum security guarding him into his car to drive away.

Other reports suggest there was a gunfight between the alleged robbers and the security guards of Popcaan and that three of the attackers were gunned down by the security of the artiste.

Watch the videos below.

Here’s how the Jamaican news reported on the incident:


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