This Picture Of Miracle Baby When He Was A Street Boy Will Shock You

This picture of miracle baby when he was a street boy will shock you.

Sailors singer Miracle baby had it rough in life before the fame and money that has now changed his life for good!

The young man shocked many with his new photo uploaded on his page just a while ago; showing fans how his life on the streets was back in the day.

Never judge!

In his caption, Peter who is popularly known as Miracle baby went on to urge fans never to judge a book by its cover; since what’s on the inside is what matters!


Life on the streets.

Unlike many who would try to hide their past life, Sailors Miracle baby is actually proud and very much thankful for the life he lived on the streets.


It definitely wasn’t easy but it made him strong and taught him lessons that will remain useful to his life, and probably use it to inspire those who still look down on themselves and others.

Once upon a time nilikuwa chokora. Never judge anyone with his current situation….you never know what the future holds

Sailors gang.

Among the top celebrated gengetone group in Kenya is Sailors that continues to make a difference in the entertainment industry!

Although many are now getting tired of the gengetone music; Sailors continues to show their loyal fans what they can do and trust me, fans love it.


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