These Photos Of Rue Baby’s Dad Proves She Doesn’t Look Like Akothee

Rue Baby’s dad proves she doesn’t look anything like Akothee.

For a while we all thought that Rue Baby looked like her mother especially because of her slender look. However, if you thought that Akothee had strong genes you’re certainly wrong.

Akothee has been ridiculed by many for being a mother to 5 children who have different fathers. But she gracefully carries her crown well as she has been able to take care of her children well despite her challenges. Every once in a while she reveals her baby daddies and what kind of drama they also put her through.

Here are photos of Rue Baby’s dad:

1. Akothee, her family and baby daddy

7ea4ee5f akothee sister

2. Akothee with her ex baby daddy

29c8e137 akothee baby daddy

3. Rue baby with her father

90be8573 akothees baby daddy

It’s clear madam boss started from the bottom and she’s rising further. When you’re independent even your baby daddies clearly respect you.

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