These Photos Of Maggie From Maria Will Leave You Speechless

Dorea Dashil, also known as Magie on Maria, a show that airs on Citizen TV is taking the acting industry by storm.

She is a true definition of beauty with brains.

In the show Maria, she acts as a needy and clingy girlfriend to a man who does not even love her.

She has to try winning the love of Silas against Vanessa, a girl who comes from a rich family.

What many do not know is that apart from acting, Maggie is a model

She also runs a business identified as doreas parlour where they offers beauty services such as acrylics, facials, waxing and threading.

She is also an actress on ‘Uriru wa Wendo’ a show that airs on Inoro Tv.

She was also the video vixen in ‘Yaga Yaga’ a song by Mombasa based artiste Kelechi Africana.

Away from the screen she is a shnack and the photos below prove so.

1. She can surely rock her shorts


2. What a beauty she is 

79fb4fa7 maggie yellow dress

3. WOW


4. Literally an hourglass figure


5. Isn’t she a whole meal?


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