These 30 Photos Explain Why Men Die A Lot Earlier Than Women

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So today, we can end the age-old argument about why men die a lot earlier than women therefore making the ratio of men to women 1:4.

This is mostly because some men live as though death is a just a myth.

These photos can best explain why men die before women.

1. He just couldn’t wait for the rain?

06404e6d fb img 1595605546925 scaled

2. It may seem like a smart thing to do

ed4937ab fb img 1595605539310

3. What is going on here?

5e850e11 fb img 1595605534787

4. Oh lawd

a8f2b93c fb img 1595605528196 scaled


5d04623c fb img 1595605523225

6. Right into the organic ejector

aa5e1bb8 fb img 1595605514969

7. Some caught fire up there

5ffbfe82 fb img 1595605506256

8. Air conditioner pro +

fd1f3cc1 fb img 1595605503915

9. Final destination on my mind

b0f6306f fb img 1595605501215

10. Why?

e4eed7f9 fb img 1595605498314

11. What is with men and light poles.

b6885f51 fb img 1595605495196

12. Daredevil

8c24def3 fb img 1595605484231

13. Which channel deserves his broken ribs?

a67cab6e fb img 1595605480415

14. Some people don’t have any issue with height.

ecc247f7 fb img 1595605478240

15. It would be a chain of electrocution.

54ff729e fb img 1595605475942

16. Dads… smh

a98e1913 fb img 1595605473455

17. Boys… smd

171f20d5 fb img 1595605469479

18. Definitely no the three wise men

8287cdfe fb img 1595605467298


f90df87f fb img 1595605465022


a9942620 fb img 1595605462369


606ce7ac fb img 1595605460314


866f6068 fb img 1595605458012


2202ff79 fb img 1595605455409


24de8346 fb img 1595605453092


3c2ae001 fb img 1595605451110


e329943e fb img 1595605448900


beeb8c9e fb img 1595605446173


9419d671 fb img 1595605444076


e8e8ba9d fb img 1595605441305


45c6ef08 fb img 1595605438582

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