This Photo Of Tanasha Without Makeup Will Make You Jealous

This photo of Tanasha without makeup will make you jealous.

For someone who is always in the limelight and boasts close to 2 million Instagram followers, Tanasha Donna undeniably knows how to look the part.

The former model is alluring to say the least, thanks to her Kenyan/Italian genetics, and often complements her natural beauty with embellishments such as makeup, eyelashes and whatnot.

Just a few days ago, she had her face beat by celebrity makeup artist Dennis Karuri, giving off “Cleopatra vibes”.


With self-isolation becoming more of a necessity for Kenyans, Tanasha had a chill day at home where she let lo0se without makeup.

She took to Instagram on Tuesday to show off her natural beauty as she spent some time with her son, Naseeb Jnr.

“No make up Tuesday with my bestie,” she wrote.

Check her out.


I mean she looks really good. Most people like saying things like “she’s pretty because of makeup” but nope, she’s literally just drop dead gorgeous.


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