This Photo Of A Chief Pouring Local Brew On A Woman Has Caused An Uproar

This photo of a chief pouring local brew on a woman has caused an uproar.

Law Society of Kenya (LSK) president has vowed to take legal action against a person he believes to be a local chief captured pouring a local brew on a woman.

The photos that have caused an uproar on social media made LSK president Nelson Havi vow to pursue legal redress against the man.

Havi stated:


The lady is from Turbo constituency, not so far from Soyshire. She will be traced in due course. So too, the chief. We will take legal action against the chief.

Photo that caused uproar.

According to Havi, the woman appears to be physically challenged.

The man donning provincial administration regalia is seen pouring a brownish liquid on the woman seated on a wooden bench.

A different photo shows the woman seated on the ground helpless after all the contents of a jerrican have been emptied on her by the man.


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