People Are Saying Efya Is A Lesbian After Kissing Fella Makafui And S3fa On The Lips

Popular Ghanaian singer Jane Awindor, famed in the entertainment industry as Efya, has been accused by some social media users as a lesbian.

This comes after the talented songbird was captured on camera kissing fellow female stars on the lips in public.

efya kiss

Efya has been seen in a couple of videos planting a kiss on the lips of some female friends of hers. She kissed s3fa some time ago in the club and she repeated the act last Sunday.

She was seen exchanging pleasantries with married Ghanaian actress Fella Makafui and she boldly kissed her on the lips as if the criticism that came after her video with s3fa surfaced online was not enough.

The scene happened at Hajia4real’s birthday party which took place in Accra on Sunday. Both Efya and Fella Makafui were guests and the vibe was different when they met.

They were all over each other affectionately as if old friends meeting again after a long time but the beautiful scene turned awkward when Fella Makafui leaned over and Efya planted a kiss on her lips.

Some social media users with their moral compass right have opined that it was inappropriate for two ladies to kiss in public, especially in Ghana where society frowns on such acts.

Others also raised that Fella Makafui makes the matter worse because she is married with a daughter.

Watch the videos below and tell us if critics have a point to accuse Efya of being a lesbian.


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