Pappy Kojo Drops His Silhouette Challenge Teaser, Set To Drop Main One Soon

As we all know, for the past few days, a challenge known as the silhouette challenge has been trending online and netizens cannot keep calm about it.

Basically, the Silhouette Challenge sees users pose seductively in a doorway before quickly turning into a completely black silhouette against a red background.

A lot of celebrities have already joined the ongoing trend and Pappy Kojo is the latest Ghanaian celebrity to join the trend.

He said he has been seeing videos of the challenge all over the place with cute ladies participating but he doesn’t know if he is qualified to participate.

Admitting his low grasp on the ins and outs of the video-sharing app Tiktok, the rapper also acknowledged the fact that it’s not too late to learn anything. Pappy is taking his tik tok lessons and will soon be back.



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