Our Day Boy: Meet Mrs. Appiah, The Teacher Oswald Prepared Tall ‘Our Day’ List For (Video)

Graceland School has become the talk of the town since yesterday.

The scenario at Graceland School was prompted by a list of items a pupil had planned to deliver to his teachers on Our Day, particularly Mrs Appiah.

Mrs Appiah is Oswald’s teacher, and according to the kid, he adores her and considers her to be his finest teacher.
As a result, he had written to his father, requesting that he add his iPad on his list of goods for the Our Day so that he may present it to Mrs Appiah.

The list quickly went viral, and many businesses flocked to the school to help make young Oswald and Mrs Appiah’s Our Day special.

Mrs Appiah, according to reports, has been teaching at the Graceland School for years and has remained a favorite.

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