Otile Brown Fearlessly Poses On His New Album Cover With No Pants On

Otile Brown has fearlessly posed on his new album cover with no pants on.

To be an artiste you have to be daring and to be a celebrity, you have to get creative. Mellow voiced singer Otile Brown might have missed being a controversial character in everyone’s mouth and made a comeback that had people mentioning his name over and over again.

The Aiyana singer released a new album after going underground for a couple of months but his music is not what people were focused on.

A different kind of album cover.

Instead of the usual album cover arts that either have the musician’s face on them or some creative piece of art, Otile chose to display his thighs and one more tiny visitor.


The talented Swahili singer posed in a green coat, white shirt and what looked like a pair of red speedos.

No trousers on.

Yes, he had no trousers on and his “third leg” peeked through as he sat and stared at the camera.


Otile fearlessly placed his photo as the album cover and shared the end result on Instagram with the guise of promoting his music.

Well, he showed quite a lot.  

And what he was trying to show or whatever point he wanted to prove was spotted from a mile away.

Immediately, Otile’s fans saw his member and asked whether what Vera Sidika once said was a pure lie.

Fans told him to put on some clothes. 

The musician’s fans urged him to put on some clothes and cover his skin because he was doing too much just to sell his album.

Remember, when Otile and Vera broke up, the latter claimed he had a tiny manhood and that was always a bone of contention. Now, it seems Otile wants to reclaim his dignity by flaunting what he has.

(H/T Tuko)


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