I Own 350 Shoes, 60 Jeans, 43 Watches, 26 Sunglasses – Osebo

Ghana’s self-proclaimed fashion icon Osebo has revealed the absurd number of clothing he owns as a guru of fashion.

Osebo listed off all the clothing items during an interview with Delay on the Delay Show. According to him, he owns as many as 350 pairs of shoes, 60 pairs of jeans, 43 watches, 39 suits, 40 blazers, 26 pairs of glasses and 15 pairs of slippers!

Osebo claims he knows every single clothing item he buys and has the number in his mind at all times.

Osebo was grilled by Delay about whether his style of clothing does not embarrass his kids and he admitted that it does but he doesn’t care.

According to him, he’s trying to sell his brand and dressing that way helps so he has to continue, even if his kids are embarrassed at school.

Watch Osebo’s interview with Delay:


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