These days almost every Ghanaian home has a TV and even if they don’t, they are common at shops where they are fully displayed and passersby can easily feed their eyes to their favourite TV programmes.

Unlike back in the days where TVs were a luxury for some few well to do people in the society and so when there is a release of a movie, the only time you have the chance to watch it is at the cinema. This made cinemas a hot cake in the country and so at the nook and cranny of every part of Accra, you could locate a cinema. But these particular ones were the most famous in Accra. Unfortunately, today, they are no more and the buildings are so dilapidated, nobody really cares about them.

Rev. Dr Hesse, one of Ghana’s most famous photographers back in the days who took an interest in taking shots of these cinemas provided these pictures of cinemas back in the days and how they look now today to TV3.

This might come as a shock, but this is how the cinemas looked back in the days.

1. The Orion Cinema


2. The Rex Cinema


3. The Roxy Cinema


4. Opera Cinema


And these are how they look now…


Orion Cinema


Rex Cinema



Opera Cinema


Roxy Cinema


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