Scary Nigerian Movies Only 90’s Kids Can Relate To

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Nollywood of old had a thing for horror movies back in the days if you’re a 90’s kid I am sure you can totally relate to this.

Feeling nostalgic as I take you down memory lane, some of these movies still give me the heebie-jeebies!

Let’s get right into it! In no particular order.


A movie about a demon queen sent by Lucifer to tempt more people into committing sin. Remember the chant? Ugh! *goosebumps*


Living in Bondage

The sequel of this popular old movie was premiered about a month ago. The original movie was about a man who killed his wife and sacrificed her for rituals to become wealthy. Of course, he was tormented by his ”lovely wife” until he finally went bonkers!


Last Burial

An occult movie that involved men sleeping in coffins with cotton balls in their nostrils, eventually they awake in wealth after the specified “sleep” time-lapses. (No thanks! I’d rather wake up in a new Bugatti!)

last burial movie

Egg of Life

Yeah! An epic movie where we all felt like warriors too *lol!* Group of warriors deployed to look for a “special egg” in a very evil forest, they had to battle evil spirits as well as demons. Whew!

egg of life

Nneka the Pretty Serpent

This is the story of Nneka, a mermaid disguised as a human whose mission on earth was to go after married men, seduced them with her “weapons” and destroy them. *Throwback runs girl*

nneka the pretty serpent


A Yoruba movie subtitled in English was about a coven of dreaded witches who terrorized the village and were feared. They dealt with anyone who challenged them and recruited new people to join them *Osheyyy! HR experts*

koto Aye

End of the Wicked

Remember the young lad that yells *Puff-Puff!!!* when it’s midnight? Very tragic experience watching this movie, this movie humbled me TBH! They made me give up my favourite snack *hot tears* The tea on this was that children were given the snack called “puff-puff” for free, afterward they appear in the underworld when the young lad, apparently the “class captain” calls out the name of the snack they ate! *I really didn’t dig the underworld thingy, so bye puff-puff*

end of the wicked

Billionaires Club

Yeah! The legendary ”blood money” actors converged to make this movie. Apparently the whole ”blood money” trend was just taking root in the country at that time, as usual, it was about a group of men in a cult who sacrificed people in exchange for wealth.

billionaires club movie

I can’t handle the nostalgia anymore! Comment the others you can remember!


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