Octopizzo Calls Cops On Khaligraph’s Brother After Heavy Diss

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Rapper Breeder LW took to social media on Sunday 23 to claim his life is in danger after being arrested by men claiming to be police officers following his beef with fellow rapper Octopizzo.

On Instagram, Breeder LW claims he was picked from his house by Octopizzo alongside three other armed men who claimed to be police officers for assassination of character.

LW, who shot to fame after being featured by Khaligraph in “Khali Cartel 3” and has also work with him on “Nikubaya”, claims that the men then drove around with him until 4 pm before dumping him at Adams Arcade.

LW also said they took his phone and deleted a post on Instagram and posted an apology to Octopizzo.

“Today morning #Octopizzo raided my residence, accompanied by 3 armed men PURPORTING to be officers of the law and questioned me on claims of assassination of character,” Breeder LW said on Instagram.

“They then drove me around Nairobi, took my phone, deleted my posts and posted an apology purporting to me. After which they dumped me at Adams Arcade at exactly 4pm I would like to inform and assure my loyal supporters that I’am of good health however I fear for my life.”

On Saturday, after Khaligraph Jones and Octopizzo relaunched their beef following Octopizzo’s buying YouTube views saga, Breeder LW posted a clip holding a parrot saying it’s called Ohanga.

In the video, Breeder goes to jokingly say the parrot called Ohanga likes talking a lot but never talks when face-to-face with its adversaries.

Octopizzo didn’t take this well.

He’s heard telling Breeder LW in the video that Ohanga is his grandfather’s name and should be respected.


The arrest video has ended up lighting up social media as some mocked Octopizzo for turning an Instagram feud into a police case while others insisted he did the right thing.

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