Njugush Gave His Fans A Glimpse Into His Childhood With A Cute TBT Photo

Njugush gave his fans a glimpse into his childhood with a cute TBT photo.

Comedian Njugush born Timothy Ndegwa has given his fans a glimpse into his childhood with a cute TBT photo He shared a photo on Instagram dated back to 2002 in which he was still in primary school portraying an innocent look next to his parents and brother.

Fans picked out a couple of interesting bits from the snap including his father being a clergyman, taunting the entertainer about what happened to him with such a spiritual upbringing.

There were those who also noticed Njugush’s arms were not visible in the photo, cheekily asking him about where they were. 


It was all great fun in the end with fans happy to see someone from such a humble background doing it big in the entertainment industry.

In January 2020, the comedian disclosed that wife Celestine Ndinda alias Wakavinye was an integral part of him finishing his studies at university level.

His wife always used to take care of him.

Speaking to NTV, the funnyman disclosed he did not always have a fat bank account but his wife always made sure he had something to eat and his bills were paid.

The father of one admitted to being broke during his campus days and his upkeep money would end even before the middle of the month.

Celestine who was working at the time always sorted out his bills, bought his food, and made sure he did not lack, a major reason why he is always grateful to her.

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