Nitakufinya Man Says He Lied About Having A Job

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After 11 years, the two men known for the famous “Nitakufinya” buzzword have spoken for the first time about their relationship and life in Nairobi’s Mukuru Kwa Njenga area.

Aron Asiba and Musyoka Wambua spoke to Ebru TV regarding the incident during an interview back in 2011 that has recently gone viral.

Musyoka, whose interview was interrupted by Asiba claiming he was going to hurt him later on, said he lived in fear for about a year because he was not sure if it was a serious threat.

The young man, who claims his hand was hurt by a faulty electrical connection, showed his humble home and the type of life he leads, saying he never closes his house.

“I have nothing in the house that someone can still from me. Will you still my jerrican, cup or clothes,” he said.

Musyoka is now a celebrity in his hood. He said he fears going out because everybody wants a photo with him and asks for money, thinking he’s now made it in life.

He also revealed he lied about having a job, and life had ‘pressed’ him really hard.

Asiba also said he did not mean what he said but found the interview incriminating. He said it was just a slip of the tongue, adding he doesn’t have a job.

The father of six said he has been living without electricity since January 2020 after power transformers were pulled down in a KPLC crackdown that aimed to clampdown on illegal power connections.

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