People Can’t Get Enough Of How Beautiful Nikki Samonas Look In These New Photos

Actress Nikki Samonas has once again got fans and followers on social media talking with her latest upload.

Nikki has released an image described by tweeps as ‘ranchy’. Although her intentions might be harmless, some say the photo is a thirst trap.

The semi-nude image that captured a piece of Kente cloth freely lying on her boobs was captioned: “How much is Kente in Ghana please?”

One of her followers on Twitter, Jay Abib had this to say:

“Agenda boys dey wish say the kente go fit shift come down small but woboa kraaa.”

Ratty Gee in response wrote:

“The Correct one is from my village Volta Kpetoe beside Ho. l can get you a contact privately. You call and see it yourself how is been done there and get it cool price, will be proud to send you personally if you ready as well.”

Judging from the photo, Abdul on Twitter asked the actress to take a break from work as she appeared exhausted in her shot.

“Nikki you look tired on that bed ooo,” he wrote.

As fans join hands to assist Miss Samonas get the perfect Ghanaian kente, check out the image that has generated debate on her Twitter page.


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