Photo: MrEazi/Instagram

Mr Eazi is a master at riling up Nigerians.

Last time, he had Nigerians swearing off his music for days. Then the entire country reluctantly forgave him when he started dating Temi Otedola. Instead of basking in the adoration of Nigerians, Mr Eazi decided to offend Nigerians yet again. Recently, he gave an interview which has Nigerians like:

angry gif

Image: Giphy


Twitter Naija couldn’t help but drag Eazi. Even Runtown got in on the shade throwing. 

From the famous to the regular, Nigerians came out in full force to drag, shade and school Mr Eazi.

1. Word!


2. And it got ugly


3.  Runtown inspired shade


4.  LMAO!!!


5. Brutal use of Mr Eazi’s lyrics


6. It’s from the village


7. Unblowing is a sure thing


8. Wizkid was even dragged into this


9. Mr Difficult…Dead!!


10. Two faced much


11. LOL!


12. Dead!


Mr Zagadat should know that Nigerians are not to be trifled with. How is he going to sell out concerts if he keeps offending his target audience.