A Nigerian Woman Insulted Akothee And Now She’s Giving Her Two Days To Reconcile Or Else…

A Nigerian woman insulted Akothee and now she’s giving her two days to reconcile or else. 

Kenyan singer Akothee is looking for a Nigerian girl who insulted her online and later vanished.

The lady who is identified as Amaka started a battle with the singer and quickly deactivated her account but Akothee is ready to pursue her.

Akothee looking for Amaka.

In a video shared on her Instagram account, a fuming Akothee pleaded with her fans to help her find the lady.


According to the singer, no one is allowed to start a fight with her in her own country and leave her high and called on the lady to finish what she started.

Akothee said:

Currently I am looking for one Amaka. Amaka said she comes from Nigeria and all Nigerian celebrities are better than me and she was busy commenting on a Kenyan page. She insulted me, triggered me and left me very high then she disappeared.

According to the mother of five, she was not ready to bear the shame all alone and had to divide it with the Nigerian girl.

Amaka whether you like it or not, come back and finish what you started. You cannot come into my country, trigger me and leave me high on the end. Reactivate your account, come back and insult me again so that we can fix this grudge that we put up together with you. Thunder will strike you Amaka.

The singer advised the lady not to play “social distancing” with her and asked her to go back to her page and embark on what she started. 

According to Akothee, the Nigerian babe has up to Thursday to reach out to her for reconciliation.

In another news, the singer celebrated her French baby daddy for taking care of her sons amid the coronavirus pandemic.

According to the singer, he is the best thing that ever happened to her and would chose her anytime. The mother of five admitted that she still loves the man and promised to visit him when calm resumed.

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