Lady Screams And Praises God As She Enters Airplane For First Time

A beautiful Nigerian Lady identified as Olawunmi has taken to social media to express her joy as she enters an Airplane for the first time in her life.

From the look of things, she hasn’t entered an airplane before in her life. The first time flier shared the good news on Twitter along with photos of herself about to board the plane.

As she shared photos on her Twitter Timeline on Friday, November, 20 when she got on an airplane.

With smiles all over her face and her nose masks on, she shared two beautiful photos behind an airplane as she captioned

“The God that did my own that I enta Eroplane today for d first time will do yours too o”

Her tweet has gained so much attention as she has over Twenty-three Thousand likes and comments.

Funny enough, some comments are very hilarious as some people are demanding pictures of her in the plane.

airplane girl tweet


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