Nick Mutuma Responds To Sexual Assault Allegations Against Him

Nick Mutuma’s dark past is slowly catching up with him, 4 years later, he still has to answer to allegations of sexual assault just as his career meets his dreams.

The married popular Kenyan actor has in a recent tweet come out to respond to allegations doing the rounds regards his past, admitting it has not been easy for him and his family and it is not fair.

Even though, it was an incident brought to light back in 2017, the allegations have hit him hard after they recently resurfaced.

The sting that comes with it is sometimes too bitter to bear. Besides that, the other problem is figuring out why the girl rejected you in the first place, what you did wrong. Well, here are the most obvious reasons why Kenyan women reject men.

Nick believes that just like every other human being, he is bound to make mistakes but what hurts him most is that even after moving on and trying to pick up the pieces, the world will not allow him to.

“I’m not perfect. But I’m not the person these people tried to portray me as. Everyday I work towards being a better person; but I constantly get pulled back by people that are convinced I am a monster,” he painfully penned.

For him, the current situation is “taking a toll on him and his family” and even though he does not want to speak about it, his silence might be easily mistaken for guilt.

Therefore forcing him to respond to the issue. Calling out masses for publicly prosecuting him and ruling him as guilty, while they do not have the whole story.

“I hate the fact that this has gotten in the way of something that I’ve built for a decade, yet despite it all, the same people are still trying to portray me as the villain in their stories,” the letter continued.



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