Nayas Explains Why She Didn’t Have Sex For 11 Months After Ernest Opoku Breakup

Kumawood actress Nayas has disclosed that she abstained from sex for a period of eleven months after her relationship with popular gospel singer Ernest Opoku ended.

Nayas said she refrained from sex because she feared her prospective suitors might get hold of her nudes and blackmail her.

The actress made these comments while giving what she said is a vivid account of her failed marriage with her Germany-based husband, Nana Sarfo.

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Nayas, who admitted that her marriage with the ‘German-borga’ is indeed in shambles, explained that she has regretted settling with him.

“After my relationship with Ernest Opoku ended, a lot of men came my way but I declined. I abstained from sex for eleven solid months. I was advised to stay away from men. Maame Yeboah Asiedu asked me to stay off men during that period.

“She advised that the men who were wooing me at that time were capable of blackmailing me with my nude pictures and videos. So, I stayed 11 months without sex. I am human and I have feelings; it wasn’t easy but I persisted. I kept myself until I met this man. I chose him because I felt he has something better to offer,” she stated in an interview with Awhenepa.

A ‘disappointed’ Nayas further noted that she opted for this particular man because she always had the perception that old men usually treat women better than the younger ones.

“I was connected to my husband and we linked up. I figured that because he was an older man, he will take care of me as he ought to. I like older men because I have this perception that they are capable of taking care of women better than the young ones but none of that happened. He never took care of me. Not even a single dress, nothing!” she stated.

Meanwhile, Nayas has alleged that the husband maltreated her. According to her, it is one of the reasons the marriage has hit the rocks.

Nayas Explains Why She Didn’t Have Sex For 11 Months After Ernest Opoku Breakup


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