I Intend To Be A Slay Queen In Future – Nakeeyat (Video)

Young and sensational Ghanaian poet, Nakeeyat Dramani has made a shocking revelation on how she intends to spend the money she is making now in future.

The 7 year old in an interview with Delay on the Delay Show indicated that she intends being a celebrity and as such is saving her money towards that aim.

Nakeeyat described “slaybrity” as one who is fashionable with clothes, bags, wigs, shoes, and all that makes a lady feels good in herself.

For this purpose, Nakeeyat says she is really saving all her money now that she is young.

“The money is at the bank. I won’t touch it. Maybe when I get to 18 years and I need to take care of myself, I will use it to buy dresses, shoes, good wigs, bags, and to become a slaybrity,” the little girl said. She added that she would spend the money bit by bit, saying that in the local parlance:

“I will remove it sorpi sorpi”.


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