MzGee’s Husband Narrates How He Was Nearly Killed By COVID-19

Ghanaian broadcast journalist, Raymond Acquah who is also the husband of award winning entertainment journalist, MzGee has shared a scary story of how he survived COVID-19.

The Multimedia Group employee took to his Facebook wall to reveal his battle his battle with COVID-19 and how he nearly gave up on life.

Raymond disclosed that COVID-19 battered, bruised and brought him to the lowest ebb.

To Dr. Tanko, and all the other great doctors at Nyaho Medical Centre especially, Ofori Anti and Dekpor and their lovely nurses, Raymond Acquah said a big ayekoo to them.

His full post is below. As you read, please take note that COVID-19 is still out there so protect yourself.

Gratitude Saturday:

My COVID-19 Story!

I rise this day to thank the Almighty for keeping me alive!Covid-19 battered, bruised and brought me to the lowest ebb!

There was a point, when the going got tough and they kept upgrading my respirators for oxygen with more complex machines, I just asked God to take my life away and put me out of my misery!

But God came through for me. I am also eternally grateful to my wife MzGee Ghana, who braved the storm to help me pull through it all!

To my doctor Dr. Tanko, those wonderful doctors at Nyaho Medical Centre especially, Ofori Anti and Dekpor and their lovely nurses! I say ayekoo!

Finally, friends I lived most part of the year in the UK without covid, got it in Ghana and it almost killed me without any underlying medical condition! Please be careful!

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