My Son is a Rapper, And a Good One Too- CS Mutahi Kagwe Talks About His Son Kahu$h

Health CS Mutahi Kagwe had a moment off of the serious business to discuss his youngest son, Kahu$h with Citizen TV’s Sam Gituku.

During the interview, the CS noted that “Kahush” is borrowed from his rapper son’s legal name, Kahumburu.

He boasts that he is aware his son is a very good rapper.

“Of course, I know Kahush, he is my youngest son, somewhere along the way Kahumburu became Kahu$h, he is a student and a rapper… and a good one too,” said CS Kagwe.

He added that he sometimes listens to Kahu$h’s music while sampling out one of his projects, “Mi Siwezi.”

Kahu$h, Courtesy

As such, the CS joked about imploring Kahu$h to release another one titled “Mi Naweza.”

The CS revealed that he allows his children to live up to their dreams and personal expectations, other than his own.

“My children are going to have their own lives away from mine, I mean after the age of 21, you are an adult and you carve your own path and use what talents God has given you,” he explained.

Kahumburu Mutahi who is a freshman at Nottingham University was put on the map by his 2019 shrap song ‘Mi Siwezi’ which has had people talking about him lately.

In fact, it is alleged that veteran rapper, the OG himself expressed interest in doing a remix of the hit.

In a past interview with the Pulse Magazine, Kahu$h said he exploited the opportunity of being based in the UK to represent his roots through his music.

“The hip-hop scene in the UK is blooming exponentially. Being in the UK motivated me to represent my home, just like other pan-African artists there,” he said.

Other than rap music, he enjoys playing soccer.



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