My Mum (Akothee) Disappeared For Weeks Leaving Us With Dad- Vesha

Akothee’s firstborn daughter, Vesha has revealed that her mother disappeared for weeks leaving her (Vesha) and her two siblings with their dad, Jared.

The 23-year old director revealed this in a Radio Jambo interview with Masawe Japani.

According to Vesha, her life as a child took an unexpected turn when she was in Class Four.

She revealed that her parents were always fighting and most often not agreeing on anything at all.

This made the now mother of five to run away from her marital home into hiding, leaving her children behind.

Vesha revealed that her mother untraceable for weeks as no one knew where she was.

“She was silent, my dad did not know what to do with three girls and he always wondered where my mum had gone to,” Vesha recalled

akothee and Jared
A throwback photo of Akothee and her ex-husband, Jared. Photo by Akothee. Source: Instagram

The young boss further indicated that she was at a point forced to intervene a fight between the former lovers, trying to get them to reconcile.

“I remember locking them up in a bedroom and demanding that they sought out their issues if they wanted to to be released,” she said during an interview with Radio Jambo.

Although she was hopeful that her folks would make up and live together but that was not the case.

They split up and each one of them went their separate way.

From her own mouth, Akothee has severally declared herself hot-headed and stubborn and that no man can contain her in a marriage.

She describes herself as the president of single mothers saying marriage is not for her kind.

Nevertheless, she often speaks highly of her ex-husband Jared, saying that they loved each other even though there were differences.


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